Colle Ciocco is the hill that gives our vineyard its name. Here you can find embedded in vineyards and olive groves, our Cantina Colle Ciocco. It is surrounded by mountains, on the slopes of which are venerable places such as Spello, Assisi, Perugia and Spoleto.

The Spacchetti family and their art of winemaking

In the winery of our property, grapes have been turned into wine since 1870. At that time, the brothers Spacchetti, together with 2 other families, were recognised as wine producers and are mentioned in the village archives.

It is thanks to our Grandfather Settimio, that this art of winemaking has been cultivated, handed down and preserved. He was an extraordinary person, a passionate winemaker and a great dancer. One of his greatest gifts was his open mind and his foresight. He was the first to understand how complex and sustainable the work of a winemaker can be and how many skills, values and responsibilities are needed. With his sun Lamberto and with us grandchildren, today his ideas lives on and the history of our winery becomes a beautiful story of friendship, nature and the joy of a brilliant wine.
In our family-run winery for a century sustainability has been the basis of a careful work in harmony with the nature. The seven wines produced here represent the uniqueness of the area, the tradition and the preservation of the varietal diversity.

Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, our winery is located outside the historic walls of Montefalco, about 800m from the old town. On a hill 400 meters above sea level it has an amazing few on the beautiful countryside around. It covers 20 hectares, 12 hectares of our native grapes „Sagrantino" and other grapes and 8 hectares of olive trees. In our cellar on the hill „Colle Ciocco", the grapes become wine: dry and sweet versions of our Montefalco Sagrantino, Montefalco Rosso and our Rosé „Brixio". From our native white grapes Trebbiano Spoletino we produce our "Tempestivo" and other varieties of white grapes make the Montefalco Bianco, and our Montefalco Grechetto "Clarignano".