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Three Types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive groves contain the varieties Moraiolo (80%), of which many trees are more than 100 years old, Frantoio (15%) and Leccino (5%), a total of 3.000 plants. The olive harvest begins in the second half of October. The hand-picked olives are placed in special well-aerated cases and are cold pressed within 24 hours of picking. Three types of oil extra-virgin olive oil are produced: Fiore “flowery”, Fruttato “fruity” and Gentile “gentle”, all under the “Olio di Montefalco” brand name.

Fiore - Flowery
This oil has a particularly delicate taste obtained by pressing the olives using the continuous system. The extraction happens by separating the oil from the paste via the Sinolea natural cold dripping method. It is recommended for dressing dishes that should conserve their scent and delicacy: roast fish, roastbeef, bresaola, carpaccio of meat and grilled meat.

Fruttato - Fruity
Pressing olives that are not yet fully ripe produces an oil rich in chlorophyll and poliphenols, with an intense scent of fruit, and a slightly spicy and bitter flavour. Suggested for bruschetta, salads, cooked vegetables, beans and soups.

Gentile - Gentle
Obtained by pressing olives that have reached full ripeness. This oil has an aroma less intense than the fruity version and it has the delicate scent of ripe fruit. Golden yellow colour. Recommended for fish and deep fried fish.

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